A Condom That Tests for STDs Just Before Sex

Just last week, I was joking with some colleagues about whether we could sell a stick of gum with our condoms that, when chewed, would turn a certain color to indicate whether or not you had an STD.  It turns out, we were not the only ones with such idea and they ignored the gum and went right to the condom itself.

condom team

Above: Team members from S.T. Eye (Muaz, Daanyaal and Chirag) talk to Dr. Christian Jessen from Embarrassing Bodies, one of the U.K. TeenTech judges

A group of teenagers from England’s Isaac Newton Academy have developed a condom that actually will change colors when it comes into contact with an STD.  Moreover, the condom will become a different color when exposed to different STDs, ensuring an accurate diagnostic right before the moment…and one that will likely kill the moment!

While a very clever idea, and strong enough to help the teenagers win the top prize at the 2015 U.K. TeenTech Awards, their concept S.T. Eye (clever!) might not encourage actual condom uptake or use, as the color change may panic the user and distract them from the fact that they are being safe and smart by using a condom in the first place.

3 thoughts

  1. this is a welcome development which l think will help people especially the married ones in developing countries. Why do I say that is because, for married couples they are mostly afraid for infecting their partners.


  2. This is just another milestone in the fight against STIs and HIV as a whole, am very confident that alot of youths like will embrace it. Protection will never be the same, cant wait to have it in malawi.


  3. In as much as this is good, the condoms or founders take into consideration that the females are the ones who will have an STI. what is the guy has an STI will the condom change the colour? if that is the case then can the same condom be used as a test for STIs?


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