Let Fruit and Veggies Be Your Guide!

openAbove: The Love Guide Condom lineup ensures men choose the right size AND apply the condom the right way.

“A great man is always willing to be little,” once penned Ralph Waldo Emerson.  While not all men may agree with this sentiment, one condom innovator is hoping that some men don’t mind that they are not the, ahem, biggest.

Guan-Hao Pan’s Love Guide Condoms are hoping to cash in on some of the critical problems men experience when purchasing condoms: breakage and misapplication.  By Pan’s estimates, around 60% of men choose the wrong size condom (although I suspect this is a result of, in some cases, lack of choice and in other cases, insecurity over the size of their member).  By introducing clever new packaging for condoms in the shape of popular fruits and vegetables, Pan’s hope is to guide men to choose the right sized condom in a simple and relate-able way:

The idea of product package in the format of veggies is inspired by the Chinese saying that goes ” 食色性也”, which points out that sex is one of basic characteristics of human nature as well as food and we don’t have to feel embarrassing using it. Using condoms packaged as the format of varied veggies is as normal as meeting our eating needs, so that act of using them is healthy and natural.

love guide 1

The condoms come in 5 sizes (cucumber, carrot, banana, turnip, and zucchini), offering flexibility for men to choose the right size.  If displayed in store, it can be as simple as a quick grab to confirm familiar size and then men can be on their way!  Pan is also suggesting vending machines for distribution to be located in bodegas and stores.


Check out the Love Guide blog here to learn more.

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