New Trust “Kuwa True” Campaign Live

Stay True to Yourself

Above: New Trust “Kuwa True” Campaign Web Banner

Despite a storied history of championing condoms in Kenya, Trust Condoms has been suffering lately.   After years of enjoying dominant market share, massive brand awareness, and a loyal fan base, Trust started to suffer stagnant sales and declining market share to new entrants.  From 2011 to 2013, Trust users were switching to more ubiquitous alternatives like Salama (entering the market from Tanzania with massive margins that the trade quickly embraced), with ultimately 40% of Trust Classic users switching to Salama’s Halisi brand in 2013.

Trust line up old


A proposed packaging refresh in 2014 was intended to turn the tides, along with a price hike to maintain cost recoverability, but the results were disastrous.  Once the new packaging was launched, Trust’s market share plummeted 20% in 2014 alone, a direct correlation to the growth of Salama’s Halisi brand in Kenya (despite Salama having zero marketing budget).

Clearly, something else was needed. Trust users were quickly, and without much consternation, switching to alternative brands because they simply didn’t hold Trust in high esteem any longer – it had become the generic term to refer to condoms and, as consumer saw it, Salama was something newer and more exciting to try.

The problem was obvious – Trust had rested on their laurels for years, offering discounts to the trade as the preferred way of keeping visible in retail outlets.  Trust had cut advertising and spending to look more cost effective, but forgot that our target audience graduates out of condoms and that we had lost the attention of the youth – our prime prospect.

So Trust went back to the youth – the prime prospect – and tried to listen to what inspired them, how they felt about condoms, and what their dreams were in life.  A powerful insight was uncovered:

Most of the time, Johnny blends into the masses. During his morning commute, at his job, doing his errands. But this is not who he really is, he feels held back most of the time because he is not able to express himself the way he wants. He is full of passion, dreams, and he only gets to showcase his individuality in his leisure time- that’s when he shows his true colors.

This insight perfectly linked with the existing packaging refresh completed back in 2014, as we could embrace a “store back” approach to our marketing – by focusing on our packaging and how it sits on shelf amongst the competitive set, we could built a campaign backwards to support that impulse buy at point of sale.  Enter the Trust “Kuwa True” campaign with the slogan “Show Your True Colours.”

Kuwa True Lineup

“Kuwa True,” which roughly translates to “be true to yourself,” is directly linked to the powerful insight, allowing Trust to champion the individuality of their clients.  And the work supports the insight-based campaign very clearly, with TVC and Print that highlight individuals expressing themselves – despite external limitations or judgments placed on them.

Kuwa True Lead Print Banner

Above: Lead Print Banner (for OOH, Web, and Print)

Surround Yourself

Above: Web Banner “Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel, energies are contagious #KuwaTrue


Are you living your dreamBe Different


Above: Web Banners “Are You Living Your Dream or someone else’s?#KuwaTrue

Check out the new campaign TVC below:

The Kuwa True campaign will run through 2015-2016.

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